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EXHALE. Art Crystal Home

Our physical gallery location is:

6365 Main Street
Oliver, BC Canada

TUES:   11 am - 6 pm
WED:    11 am - 6 pm
THURS: 11 am - 6 pm
FRI:       11 am - 6 pm
SAT:      11 am - 6 pm
SUN:     11 am - 6 pm

CALL 778-622-3593



Showcasing the current crystalline artworks by Canadian artist Aaron K Metz.

Each piece features the highest quality gypsum crystal (Selenite Ice) in the elemental kingdom and are created using the best materials available for optimal health & nourishment in any space.




All of our raw Selenite Ice (gypsum crystal) featured has been extracted from the earth by Aaron ethically and responsibly; transported to BC Canada; hand carved, shaped and polished to reveal these true unique, rare and natural beauty of these impressive sculptural crystals.



There is an undeniable beauty and benefit in creating sacred space for yourself; day or night.

We've created a variety of products to help bring a sense of peace and calm to your body and your home / sacred space.

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Selenite Kingdom began from our love and wonder of the world of gypsum crystal which has grown into our full-time family run business.

We specialize in gypsum crystal known also as “Selenite Ice".

We personally source, transport, river clean, sun and moon bath our selenite respectfully, responsibly and legally from our main private site in Mexico, and partner sites in USA and Morocco.

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