The Gallery

Exhale Art Gallery represents the evolving culmination of original crystalline fine artworks from Canadian artist, Aaron K Metz.


The gallery was born to best encapsulate the result one finds when a creative thought turns into an art form. It is akin to the inhale that transpires into the exhale.


2014 marked the beginning of this endeavor and it is the heart-guided collaboration of Aaron and Laura Metz.



Aaron K Metz is an innovative crystalline artist, residing in the heart of the South Okanagan in British Columbia, Canada.


Always drawing from the realm of potential, he is a conduit of varied artistic applications.



The Selenite Series was born in 2015 when Aaron had a vision to create crystalline based artworks from one of the most powerful & pure single mineral crystals on the planet; gypsum crystal (Selenite Ice).


6 years later on Earth Day, Aaron reignites the next phase of this series creating pure gypsum crystal sculptural pieces designed for balancing spaces.