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The Selenite Series was born in 2015 when Aaron had a vision to create crystalline based artworks from one of the most powerful & pure single mineral crystals on the planet; gypsum crystal (Selenite Ice).


Aaron infused the crystal chips and powders into an art form blended with clean resins, inks and glow pigments. A collection of 100 (25 x 25 x 2cm) pieces was created over a 2 year span to create a grid around the planet, connecting each person with a piece from the series to each other, and to the specific area this crystal ethically and purposefully is collected on Mother Earth.


In return, this series would create a grid ('net') of high vibrations being amplified by each person with a piece in the series, helping in assisting to soften the energetic stresses put on our environment and ourselves and ultimately allowing one's mind to relax so to have a moment of 'pause' and to feel at ease.


Inhale. Exhale.


Now more than ever, we are learning of how much an impact our environment and spaces we spend time in have on our health. Our minds and souls crave a natural balance.


Like a phoenix rising within his own journey, Aaron is bringing a new light to the Selenite Series to give it a new breath. 6 years evolved and even more prominent to Aaron's creative expression, inspiration and balance; this beautiful gypsum crystal series is his way to share this ultimate love and connectedness with you.

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