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Aaron K. Metz was born and raised in Kelowna;

the jewel of the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada. Growing up, his playground was his family’s orchards and surrounding mountains; to him it was vast and magical. This instilled a great sense of wonder and connection that Aaron orchestrates in his artwork today.


With over 30 years of experience in the art world, Aaron spent 15 years immersed in a career of strategic planning and helping to build a multi-million dollar art company. During this time, he gained infinite product knowledge of the highest quality materials for artwork, he has developed a meticulous attention-to-detail work ethic and he has been a guiding bridge to artists in and around the community.


Aaron balances the cerebral with the heart in all of his creations. He uses his extensive knowledge of product and technique within a completely ardent and meditative state of being. Painting the far reaches of the cosmos and bathing the image surface in healing crystals, he has found an indelible way to fuse Mother Earth and Father Sky into each masterpiece that you can see and feel. There are a high echelon of metaphysical teachers across the globe that use Aaron’s artworks to facilitate and promote healing in their practices.

Aaron K. Metz is truly a pioneer that has brought forth a new and exciting way of creating fine art which also works to cleanse you and your space. Over 600 original, mineral - infused fine artworks are in private collections throughout Canada, USA, Mexico, Australia, Europe, the Middle East and other parts of the world.


A variety of minerals and crystals are chosen for his mixed media creations, however the master crystal Aaron chooses is Selenite Ice. Aaron travels direct to the mine site, hand selects each specimen, river cleans and polishes all by hand before incorporating them into an art piece. His gallery, Exhale Art Gallery in BC, Canada hosts some of the rarest and largest pieces of this crystallized mineral on display in North America.


Aaron creates his artworks by moving his consciousness into a tiny space that exists within our hearts called the creation space. This space is our connection to all that truly is. It is here that he is able to transport himself into the energetic field called zeropoint or what some call Source or God. Within this space, Aaron sees, feels and weaves each unique crystalline landscape. It’s as though he may actually be creating new universes and realms which we, the viewer, can traverse and explore without even stepping out our front door. Aaron’s art brings us back to our beginnings and reminds us of a beauty and a vastness that is as much “out there” as it is within each of us. We are all connected and life is timeless.

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