Exhale Art Gallery represents the evolving culmination of original crystalline fine artworks from Canadian artist, Aaron K Metz.


The gallery was born to best encapsulate the result one finds when a creative thought turns into an art form. It is akin to the inhale that transpires into the exhale.


2014 marked the beginning of this endeavor and it is the heart-guided collaboration of Aaron and Laura Metz. With Aaron’s creativity and over 15 years in the art industry and Laura’s love of design aesthetics; the gallery articulates the couple’s passion for purposeful artistic expression. In the years that followed, the gallery expanded and gained recognition in the local art scene as well as internationally. The use of Gypsum crystal (or Selenite Ice) in the gallery’s works visually increased from shimmering facets within paintings; to cresting the surface in a more tactile fashion. By 2019, the couple sourced larger design elements for the gallery resulting in the stunning Gypsum Crystal sculptural pieces of 2021.


Exhale Art Gallery strives to create and curate fine crystalline artworks that showcase the highest quality, strong ethics and a dedication to providing products that nourish the soul.