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crystalline artworks

Showcasing the current crystalline artworks

by Canadian artist Aaron K Metz.

Each piece features the highest quality gypsum crystal (Selenite Ice) in the elemental kingdom and are created using the best materials available for optimal health & nourishment in any space.



Gazing into the sky and wondering about the universe is not an experience limited to any one generation.

The directional and intentional gaze into the night sky, then, is our first conscious encounter with the universe. Because of the gaze, the universe enters our sight and our mind. Now, it does not only objectively exist, but also exists to us.

Being vast and grand, the universe does not intimidate us mortal beings. Instead, it empowers us. On the one hand, we are promised of knowledge, that we can know things beyond ourselves.



Crystillume is our luxury line of crystalline fine artworks. Each unique piece is created by pushing through limits in innovation, design, form and function.



Chemical elements are all around us, and are part of us. The composition of the Earth, and the chemistry that governs the Earth and its biology are rooted in these elements.

The elements have their ultimate origins in cosmic events. Further, different elements come from a variety of different events. So the elements that make up life itself reflect a variety of events that take place in the Universe.

Origins 19 _ full 1 _


“Origins” express the point at which something comes into existence or from which it is derived.

Imagine standing on the precipice of time and bearing witness to the birth of a planet.

Its raw, chaotic beauty aligning into a cosmic symphony of form. It is the quintessential starting point.



Ethereal design which honors our Sun through the alchemical golden flow and Moon contained within ice selenite crystal which are infused together to celebrate unity within each piece in the Raa Collection.


We all receive nourishment from our Sun and Moon. By infusing gold and selenite crystal together, you are able to connect directly to and benefit from the healthy properties these pieces emit within your space.


Selenite has been reveared as a natural healing crystal since ancient Mesopotamia where is was used to absorb and ward off negative energy and disease.

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