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Luxury Illuminated Crystalline Artworks

Crystillume is our luxury line of crystalline fine artworks. Each unique piece is created by pushing through limits in innovation,design, form and function.

We work with clients to create awe inspiring works of art that bring a sense of harmony and conversation to personal and corporate spaces.

ETHOS_Crystillume_Corporate Art


The cosmos in all its wonders instills a simple ethos. It is a calculated expanse of primordial creation that serves all of life’s experience and holds space of truth and universal laws.

It just is. And we, as humans, are deeply connected and intertwined with it. Connecting to the quiet space within us, allows us to be at one with the ethos of the universe.

Wing At Rest_Crystillume6_EXHALEART.GALL


"Wing At Rest" is a 100% genuine gypsum crystal sculptural angel wing cradled within a gravity defying custom contemporary aluminum base.


Stretching out, taking flight, enabling higher perspectives,  defining physics at play, and offering a sense of tender protection.

This wing is at rest.

It is allowing you to connect and feel it’s strength; admire its beauty. It is before you to lift you up and gain a higher vantage point.

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