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The Perseus Project
(Premiere drop coming soon to

The Perseus project is a concept 5 years in the making. And it’s through the evolution of Blockchains and NFTs that Aaron is finally able to bring it into light in all its glory.

Aaron is excited to be able to launch the Perseus project as an NFT lottery for the lucky person to win this original 36” x 48” cosmic artwork. It is valued at $12K and contains over 15 pounds of crystals and minerals that are encased within layers of resin and micaceous inks.

A glimpse of the original artwork created which will be the ultimate prize to a lucky winner.

Perseus_FULL ARTWORK.jpg

PersEus 48" x 36" x 2 inches

1 lucky person will win


No product

The Perseus project begins with this larger, fine artwork which has been sectioned into 22 macro, hi resolution photographs. By meticulously mapping and animating each photograph, crystalline and celestial imagery ebbs and flows like cosmic tides.

Below are these 22 images:

EXAMPLE:  Perseus section 2566

(1 of the 22 detailed sections of Perseus)


These in-depth “living landscapes” can be cast to an NFT frame TV, incorporated as a living wall in a future Metaverse office, mansion or displayed on a monitor screen of your choosing. Behold the Perseus project and dive deeply.

BELOW is a video displaying all 22 Living Landscapes:

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