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The Flower of Life

A term to define the geometric laws and patterns that create all that is in existence.

It has provided enlightenment deep spiritual meanings to those who have studied it as Sacred Geometry.

Many spiritual meanings have a relation with it. For some, the meaning is a symbol that depicts the cycle of creation. And as such, different cultures and religions accepted it as the model of God’s creation.


There are deep and fascinating symbols hidden within its pattern.

These harmonic symbols (which evolve without any outside force) include the Egg, the Tree of Life and the Fruit and the five platonic solids amongst others have been adopted by several cultures and religions.


  • Details

    400 x 400 x 45 mm

    15.75 x 15.75 x 1.75"


    2150 grams

    4.7 lbs



  • Crystals and Minerals

    Selenite Ice (New Mexico, USA)


  • Materials

    Birch cradled panel (made in Canada)

    Eco resin (no voc's)

    Liquid gold

    Alcohol Inks