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The universe has cycles in which it manifests and disappears. In poetic language, the universe sleeps and awakes many times.


According to ancient eastern philosophy, the universe has never been created because it has always existed. The non-existence, as the name indicates, does not exist, and therefore, something exists all the time.

Humans cannot conceive eternity, so it’s natural to search for beginnings and ends. But, if one admitted that the universe started to exist at some point, it would mean that before then, there was nothing and nothing, of course, cannot exist.


  • Details

    610 x 610 x 45 mm

    24 x 24 x 1.75"


    4100 grams

    9 lbs



  • Crystals and Minerals

    Selenite Ice (Utah USA)

    Raw peridot


  • Materials

    Birch cradled panel (made in Canada)

    Eco resin (no voc's)

    Liquid gold

    Alcohol Inks