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Ethos is the Greek word for character. Ethics derives from the word ethos.

The cosmos in all its wonders instills a simple ethos. It is a calculated expanse of primordial creation that serves all of life’s experience and holds space of truth and universal laws.

It just is. And we, as humans, are deeply connected and intertwined with it. Connecting to the quiet space within us, allows us to be at one with the ethos of the universe.

  • Details

    Illuminated from within, this app controlled crystalline masterpiece features over 15 kilograms of genuine crystals and minerals interweaved within 5 layers of eco soy based resins and inks for spatial purity and health.


    Crystals and minerals within:

    Jalisco Diamond Ice selenite, Utah Diamond Ice selenite, raw lepidolite, raw peridot, lapis lazuli powder, chlorite, mica flakes and powder all personally sourced by Aaron K Metz

  • Our All-Inclusive Pricing

    Our gallery pricing is all-inclusive.

    We handle all the details to make sure your crystalline artworks are packaged, crated, shipped and insured from our gallery direct to your hands through International DHL Express with live tracking.

  • Tech Specs

    Custom crafted hardwood frame with easy hang, earthquake secure drywall hanger.

    The frame has built in wifi addressable led lighting which allows you to create unlimited colour combinations easily from the downloadable app to suit your current mood or space.


    Lighting details:

    BTF-LIGHTING WS2812B 300 Pixels Magic Dream Color Individually Addressable RGB LED Flexible Strip Light 5050 SMD Dual Signal IP30 Non-Waterproof DC12V Black PCB.

    Life span: more than 50000hrs