Fertility 2

Fertility 2

SKU: EX604
GST/HST Included |

24 x 20 x 4cm
7, 700g / 7.7kg / 17.0 lbs

Gypsum Crystal (Utah USA)


Sealed with Ager Tiger Color Enhancer for Exotic Stones

Polished with solvent free, food safe wax with stabilizers


Completion date - 23.3.21

  • 365nm uv lighting

    Gypsum crystal minerals interact and grow with other minerals in the kingdom specific to each location and region. Some of these are "Fluorescent Minerals" and often result in unique specimens that glow when illuminated with invisible light beyond the violet end of the spectrum using 365nm uv lighting.

    These uv lighted images and videos are an idea of the unique lighting possibilities in your space.

    Lighting is not included.

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