Origins 63

Origins 63

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“Origins” express the point at which something comes into existence or from which it is derived.  Imagine standing on the precipice of time and bearing witness to the birth of a planet. Its raw, chaotic beauty aligning into a cosmic symphony of form. It is the quintessential starting point.
  • Details

    182 x 61 x 5 cm

    72 x 24 x 1.875"

    15,550 grams

    15.55 kg

    34.3 lbs


  • Crystals and Minerals

    Selenite Ice (Jalisco MX) 4500 grams

    Selenite Ice (Utah USA)

    raw peridot

    raw lepidolite


    Diamond Ice (Utah USA)

    gold powder

  • Materials

    Birch cradled panel (made in Canada)

    Eco resin (no voc's)

    Liquid Chrome

    Alcohol Inks