Wing At Rest

Wing At Rest

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Wing At Rest

How intriguing is it that Aaron’s intuitive sculpting of this piece of earthen rich Gypsum Crystal takes the form of a glorious wing. Perhaps it is the wing of an angel?
It has been mentioned throughout the ages that angels, beings of great voluminous light, bear wings at their back. It is curious that an energetic light force needs wings at all, however it does conjure up wonderful sentiments within us doesn’t it? 
The symbol of the wing -  stretching out, taking flight, enabling higher perspectives,  defining physics at play, and offering a sense of tender protection.
This wing is at rest.
It is allowing you to connect and feel it’s strength; admire its beauty. It is before you to lift you up and gain a higher vantage point.
  • Details

    Genuine gypsum crystal (Jalisco Selenite Ice) sculptural wing with triassic period sandstone veins and inclusive rainbow prisms

    9 x 124 x 47 cm | 54,500 grams

    3.5 x 48 x 18.5" | 120 lbs

    Custom contemporary gravity defying aluminum base with steel reinforced core carved to cradle the crystal wing securely

    Powder coated matte black

    Footprint: 51 x 36 cm  | 20 x 14"

    Ave bar width: 7cm | 2.75"

    Weight: 8650 grams | 19 lbs


    Height (crystal on base): 46 cm | 18"

    Complete Weight: 63,150 grams | 139.2 lbs

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